Tim Stephenson


Born 1963 in Wellington New Zealand, Tim Graduated from Wellington School of Design in industrial design in 1984 Tim worked as a freelance designer for almost all of his career. His work ranged widely, including television and film production design and art direction, shopfitting, museum design, graphics and design for promotions and events.  Most of that work has involved creating a vision within a frame. Be it a viewfinder, window or stage. Always interested in making things Tim bring a strong practical knowledge to his work. Tim is always looking at what makes the world and people tick. Photography has proved to be a useful medium to explore and communicate these concepts. Having completed a unique home for himself and wife Ann, the Canterbury earthquakes struck. The building came through without damage but the aftermath has kept Tim busy on community projects. Keen on Jetskiing in the surf and scuba diving Tim is often found in a wet suit.


Generally a business of one. As many of the projects are quite specialised Tim finds that dealing with most of the detail himself to be the most efficient way to do things. However, he has a number of contractors that he calls on when required, usually in the drafting and graphics areas to increase capacity. He also has a number of experts in other fields that he consults when required: engineers,  lighting, IT, technical writing and museum operation to name a few. There are a team of suppliers Tim has established over many years including specialist exhibit builders, set builders, joiners, signwriters, printers, electronic/electricians and more. He has established contacts off shore for some manufacturing although he has a preference to use local suppliers. Quality vs price means local suppliers usually offer better value for money. So while he may be only one he can put together a specialised team or almost any sized project.

Work History

Pigmrent on paper, 21 cm x 30 cm. signed and numbered


Newspaper Articles