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Tech Dome Penang –  Project Notes

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Project Description:

It is a project in which I contract to Science Alive Exhibits ltd who in turn have contracted to Tech Dome Penang to build 101 exhibits here and provide exhibition design.

Completion date: mid 2016

Tim Stephenson Design’s Involvement.
My role is as Exhibition Designer. In that role I have:
• Worked out the layout for a predetermined set of exhibits.
• Designed the visual look of the exhibition galleries and divided the space.
• Designed and documented the interior fit out for the exhibition space. That includes full working drawings, specifications and production ready CNC files for that to be built by contractors in Malaysia.
• Designed and documented the modular exhibit table to be used on most of the exhibits That includes full working drawings,specifications and production ready CNC files for that to be built by contractors in Malaysia.
• Produced and delivered various presentations.
• Designed and produced print ready files for all the explanatory exhibit graphic panels from content supplied by Science Alive.
• Design for electronic orientation signage.
• Design storyboard / template for interactive boards.
• Designed a detailed lighting plan for implementation by contractors in Penang.
• Detailed a mechanical and electrical layout for implementation by contractors in Penang.
• Because I have traveled to site a few times I have become the main point of contact with the client and have therefore   handled many other tasks outside of my original brief.
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